As you expand your Killer Bunnies game, the complexity expands as well. These online resources put all our Instructions and Bunny Bits in one place for quick reference. You'll also find some extra resources here to make your game play easier and more enjoyable!

NOTE: As the Killer Bunnies universe grows and evolves, Creative Team Alpha makes adjustments, additions and clarifications to the game play. All online Instructions and Bunny Bits are the most updated and accurate versions.

Teaching Killer Bunnies: As more of you become experts in the game we must take a moment to acknowledge the fact that some folks are still just beginners. If you have one of these "Bunny new-bies" in your group, then please be nice to them (until they make their first kill that is, then let them have it!)

Adding Booster Decks In Order: All Booster Decks are compatible with the Blue Starter Deck. However, Killer Bunnies plays best when the Booster Decks are added in sequential order.

» 'Crucial' Cards: This section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.

» Dice Substitutions: This section provides you with a guide on how to substitute for possible missing dice that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.


Pink Box with a Pink Circle icon: Several Killer Bunnies games – including QUEST and CONQUEST – use a Pink Rectangular Box with a Pink Circle icon. The most recent rule clarification can be found here.

Instructions & Bunny Bits

» QUEST Game Instructions

» Blue/Yellow Bunny Bits

» Red Bunny Bits

» Violet Bunny Bits

» Orange Bunny Bits

» Green Bunny Bits

» Twilight White Bunny Bits

» Stainless Steel Bunny Bits

» Perfectly Pink Bunny Bits

» Wacky Khaki Bunny Bits

» Ominous Onyx Bunny Bits

» Chocolate Bunny Bits

» Fantastic Bunny Bits

» Caramel Swirl Bunny Bits

» Creature Feature Bunny Bits

» Pumpkin Spice Bunny Bits

» La-Di-Da London Bunny Bits



Since it’s publication in summer of 2019, CTA has revised a small number of the cards in the Killer Bunnies Conquest Adventure set. Rest assured that the game plays just fine as it is. However, the revised cards make the game play just a bit better. All Killer Bunnies cards have a Card Identification Number at the bottom. Number for number, the revised cards are swapped out for the originals.

Do you have Conquest Adventure?

» For information about how to receive your revised card set, contact Ultra PRO Entertainment at


All characters and events in this game – even those based on real people or characters as parody – are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual living persons is purely coincidental or is strictly for the purpose of satire. No actual bunnies were harmed in the making of this game or will be harmed by playing it.


If after reading through the Bunny Bits and playing the cards in your Killer Bunnies Booster Deck you are asking yourself this question, then chances are you’re absolutely right!  


Many cards in Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot refer to other cards that have not been printed yet.  But don’t worry.  All this means is that we have planned ahead.  Creative Team Alpha would like to guarantee to you that these ‘unseen’ cards will indeed be seen in future Booster Decks.  The same is true for some of the fancy dice as well.



Some confusion may occur when Booster Decks are added out of order, and a card refers back to earlier cards that may not exist in your deck.  As stated before, if you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks and a card is drawn during play that refers to another card that does not exist in your Killer Bunnies deck, then a player may discard it and draw a new card.



If you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks, our Crucial Cards section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.

» See our 'Crucial' Cards Section here.



Questions always seem to arise that cannot be resolved by a careful inspection of the Instruction Book and Bunny Bits.  If that should happen then please feel free to Contact Us​.